A festival for the family: Alcobaça and Benedita host two events in the section Junior and Families

“The Mystery of the Golden Rose – Tchaikovsky Project” and “Music D’Art – Garden of Arts” are the highlights of the Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça and Gonçalves Sapinho Cultural Center – Benedita on next Saturday July 1

It’s been one of the big bets in recent years within Cistermúsica – Alcobaça Music Festival program and this year is no different: the section Cistermúsica Junior and Families has not only managed to add several concerts aimed at the smaller ones but has also proved to be a strong pretext to bring families together around an important educational component. In this context the current edition of Cistermúsica takes to Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça – João d’Oliva Monteiro, July 1, at 9h30p.m., the show “The Mystery of the Golden Rose – Tchaikovsky Project,” based in the “Children’s Album” of the great Russian composer.

Dedicated to his nephew Vladimir Davydov, “Children’s Album” is one of the most important works of P. Tchaikovsky that can be compared to a Golden Rose, symbolizing in this case all the music and children’s literature. As befits the music of the XIX century, “Golden Rose” by Tchaikovsky is shrouded in mystery, having celebrated on April 25, 2010, 170 years since the birth of the Russian composer.

On the same day by 9h30a.m., the Gonçalves Sapinho Cultural Center – Benedita welcomes the project “Music D’Art – Garden of Arts”, an action with Artistic Direction of Dalila Vicente (Coordinator of Curricular Enrichment Activities of the Alcobaça Music Academy) and Ana Duarte (Project Coordinator fo “Short Story in the Forest”) that will have the participation of the Kindergartens of Frei António Brandão Group School (Benedita) and the Kindergarten of Centro Soical e Paroquial de Turquel.

Dedicated to children and schools, the section Cistermúsica Junior and Families promotes the education of new audiences and disseminate into the younger a deep and close contact with classical music, while ensuring a greater number of listeners and encouraging the love of learning music – undeniably is here that spends much of the future of the festival.