Armazém das Artes

Armazém das Artes is located in the center of Alcobaça, in an old building that had many activities throughout its history. There it existed the Oficina Danada (Damned Workshop), curious name for a locksmith which produced the most various objects, from carts, fittings and pumps up to serve the revolutionary goals during the First Republic.

Later, around the 30s of the twentieth century, this space, next to an old bridge over Baça river, was turned into a wine shop, an activity which remained until the 80’s, when this space was divided into smaller stores that served to support trade zone.

In 1995 was born the project that now takes shape. The collections that are the source of Armazém das Artes, were collected over the years, without a spirit of a collector, but with the intuition of a gatherer of objects, that in the case of the machines / tools have a anthropological and primordial meaning.