Parish Church of Évora de Alcobaça

Gothic church, restored in the XVI century, dedicated to Santiago Velho. The main facade, with a gabled peak, it’s ripped by a Manueline entrance that has a down arch with plant decoration, armillary sphere, the cross of Christ and royal guns.

On the south facade opens a Manueline door with a broken spar, crowned by the Cross of Christ. Still on the south facade there is an interesting bas-relief overflowing with symbolism, probably from the XV century, representing a knight of S. Tiago, a radiating sun, a star and a crescent.

Inside, the Church of Évora has a nave with a wooden chancel in a cradle vault, covered in stucco. Two side chapels recreate a space transept. The baptismal font is an octagonal base piece of sculpture decorated with corded and rounded Manueline off where it stands a belt with huge rosettes.