Mayor’s Message

Music, much music “around Inês,” is what the 19th Cistermúsica has to offer during the months of June and July.

I must express my satisfaction at the choice of this year’s theme, the Inês theme is inexhaustible, it overcomes all barriers and social times, being Love a universal theme and always inspiring for all forms of art, in this concrete case with special focus on music.

The Passion of Pedro and Inês, transformed into myth over time, is a source linked to the town of Alcobaça and the entire County! It could not be a closest connection to the Celebration of 650 Years of the Trasladation of Inês to the Monastery of Santa Maria de Alcobaça and programming of the Monasteries Network. So the strategic importance of these partnerships is strengthened, as it is vital for the Cistermúsica’s promotion and for the raise of national public and also international visitors in this time of year, marking the position, which already holds a prominent event in Portugal.

This is a festival of recognized excellence, thanks to a very diverse and high quality programming that his Artistic Director, Alexandre Delgado,has accustomed us and to the role that the Alcobaça Music Academy, has carried out in musical training and awareness of the public of all ages to music. The enjoyment of unconventional architectural spaces during a concert is also a great asset, allowing contact with the excellence of the County’s heritage and allowing experiences that definitely will leave its mark.

A County facing towards Music, Heritage, Inês, Love – Alcobaça can only really be a Land of Passion!

Are all welcome, let yourself be charmed and enjoy another edition of the Alcobaça Music Festival.

Paulo Jorge Marques Inácio
Mayor of Alcobaça