Forest of Sounds – Concert for Babies

June 26, 11:00 AM
Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça João D´Oliva Monteiro

Series “In Search of Sounds”

“Forest of Sounds” is the second chapter in a series of four concerts for babies organized by Alcobaça Music Academy, where you try to make babies enjoy the exploration of images and sounds related to the environment of nature and through some musical contributions, including voices (João Costa and Ana Maria Carlota Silveira), flute (Sofia Silva) and guitar (Hugo Trindade).

The aim is to stimulate babies through song and movement, because according to several researchers, including Gordon and Brazelton, the first months of a child’s life are essential for the acquisition and development of cognitive skills, which include the musical skills.

The concert aims to create a common place of creation, hearing and interpretation, which contributes to the narrowing of emotional relationships between parents and infants.

Ticket 12 € baby + adult (stage) limited to a maximum of 20
Ticket 3€ Companion (audience)

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