Cistermúsica 2011 exceeds last year’s numbers and reaches approximately 4700 spectators

Cistermúsica’s last edition has not only consolidated the numbers of 2010 but also surpassed it lightly after two months of intensive activities

The latest edition of Cistermúsica registered 4676 spectators, a number that represents a new record of audience at Alcobaça Music Festival (last year the Festival had already passed the barrier of 4300 spectators). Besides confirming the consolidation of one of the most relevant classical music festivals in the country, and already with some international repercussion, the total number of spectators now determined depicts the growth of an event that for nearly two months of intensive activities offered over 30 events divided into several sections: Main Program, Around Inês, Junior and Families, Cisterdança, Formation, Film Series and Off.

Already preparing the celebration of the Festival´s 20th Birthday next year (2012), Alcobaça Music Academy is also planning, following the programming in recent years, and in the words of Executive Director of the Festival, Rui Morais, “present an edition with unquestionable quality, an historic Cistermúsica.” “This will be held, most likely, during a period of time shorter than the two months of concerts that since last year the Festival has taken, in order to capture more public and criticism attention”, says Rui Morais. “Another major objective is to continue to involve the local community in a festival of music that is intended to be, increasingly, for everyone,” he adds.

Organized by the Alcobaça Music Academy and Municipality of Alcobaça, the Cistermúsica – Alcobaça Music Festival is not only one of the most important artistic events in Portugal’s west region, where its growth and affirmation have been constant, being nowadays, after its 19th edition and thanks to the undeniable quality of its programming, a real cultural institution in the region and one of the most prominent events nationally and internationally.