Official website of Cistermúsica 2011 highlighted by the portal web design QNT Gallery

German Portal Web Design QNT Gallery selected site of the current edition of Cistermúsica as one of the best of its kind

The site of Cistermúsica 2011 – Alcobaça Music Festival was featured as one of the best of its kind (CSS) by the German web portal design QNT Gallery (, considered one of the most recognized and consulted platforms of the global community within the area of ​ web design and graphic design.

Once again developed by Velcro Design, a multidisciplinar colective from Alcobaça that operates in the areas of graphic design, web design, audio and video production and 3D design, the site can be visited at the following address:

The QNT Gallery is a portal that usually presents a selection of magazines and a digital art gallery web design (CSS) disclosing some of the best designs in Flash and CSS websites that can be found on the Internet – this selection has still the intention to inspire the creativity of designers and lovers of graphic art in future works.

By integrating a gallery with more than 2,500 of the best web projects, also serves as a showcase of the best ideas QNT, thereby stimulating the discussion around the creative industry in the area and promoting the vote of the best sites within the global community.