A Beaked Case in the Kingdom of the Spheres

Junior and Families

Venue: Cine-Theater of Alcobaça – João d'Oliva Monteiro

AMA's End of Year Show


With music by Carlos Filipe Cruz and libretto by Ana Sabino Moura, A Beaked Case in the Kingdom of the Spheres is a work of original creation made for ensemble music that will have its world premiere at the current edition of Cistermúsica and will also be complemented by dance and video. Produced by the Alcobaça Academy of Music (AMA), this work has attractive melodic characteristics and challenging harmonic solutions, and the musical performance is the responsibility of students and teachers from AMA's basic and secondary music courses. Prepared and rehearsed throughout the 2023/2024 school year, this show will also feature choreography by Rita Abreu, performed by students from the school's dance courses. At a time of great social and cultural challenges, this is a story that aims to work with children and the public on the complex issues of diversity and inclusion in an apparently abstract way, but which is very clear, easy to understand and allegorical.

Carlos Filipe Cruz and Ana Sabino Moura, original idea
Carlos Filipe Cruz, artistic direction and musical composition
Ana Sabino Moura, libretto
Tiago Oliveira, musical direction
Tiago Vieira, staging
Rita Abreu, choreography
Students from the basic and secondary courses at the Alcobaça Dance Academy, dancers
Rita Abreu, light design and technique
ABA Communication Department, video
Rita Abreu and Carlos Filipe Cruz, costumes and props
Tiago Morin, choir director
Alcobaça Music Academy basic course students, choir
Leonor Reis and Leonard Mwangi, soloists
Dalila Vicente, narration
Vera Santos, guide voice

Rita Faustino, transverse flute
Margarida Tomás, clarinet in B-flat
Miguel Teodoro, bass clarinet in B-flat
Rogério Petinga, Tiago Rodrigues and Miguel Reis, percussion
Lourenço Parente and Svetlana Portyana, piano

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Tel. 967 716 647 or info@cistermusica.com

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