Cistermúsica Sacra



Cistermúsica Sacra seeks to bring the region of Alcobaça, so rich in religious heritage, an offer of sacred choral music during Holy Week. In this second edition, Pedro Teixeira and Tiago Morin will once again be the artistic directors, and the motto "Choral Music in the Monastery of Alcobaça" has been chosen. This offer of specialised training in sacred choral music during Holy Week, a privileged time for religious musical expression, is aimed at two groups with different backgrounds and performance contexts: Advanced Choir and Liturgical Choir.

The programme, scheduled between 16 and 31 March, is divided into two stages of training and public presentation - the Liturgical Atelier and the Advanced Atelier. In partnership with local parishes, the event is aimed at both higher education students and professional musicians, as well as the local population, creating an innovative interaction at the national level by allowing participants in the Liturgical Atelier to attend the Advanced Atelier and vice versa.

The project will begin with the "Liturgical Music Atelier for the Holy Week", aimed at the local community of choral singers from liturgical choirs, led by choral director Margarida Silva Mendes, who has in-depth knowledge and practice of the liturgy. A talk on liturgical music will be given by Fr Diamantino Faustino, who will try to delve deeper into the subject of music in the liturgy. The result of the work with the liturgical group will be presented at two Easter Sunday Masses, in Vestiaria and Alcobaça.

The Advanced Atelier "Jesu meine Freude and Penitential Motets" will follow, aimed at students and advanced choir singers and led by renowned choral director Jonathan Ayerst. The atelier also includes the "Anglican Singing Workshop – Professional Choir Skills", organised by the same trainer. There will also be a didactic lecture on the subject on the first day of the atelier. The results of the activity will be presented at a concert for the general public, to be held at the Monastery of Alcobaça.

Favouring the different performance levels of Cistermúsica Sacra, two concerts will be offered to the community and all those taking part in the training sessions. The amateur choir, Mater Fidei, will perform on the first day of the activity for the liturgical group, under the direction of trainer Margarida Silva Mendes, in the Vestiaria Parish Church. The professional choir, Capella Duriensis, will perform at the Monastery of Cós, under the direction of Jonathan Ayerst.

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