Cistermúsica Sacra



Cistermúsica Sacra seeks to bring to the region of Alcobaça, so rich in Religious Heritage, an offer of Sacred Choir Music during the Holy Week. Besides highlighting the architectural spaces propitious to this kind of performance, Cistermúsica Sacra is framed within a privileged time of religious musical expression: the Holy Week. The activities are divided in two moments, one of formative sessions such as the Advanced Atelier of Portuguese Polyphony and the Atelier of Liturgical Music for the Holy Week, and the other consists of public performances and concerts.

The event is aimed at both musicians and music students, as well as the local liturgical community. The musicians will have the opportunity to be in contact with renowned choral directors, promoting their qualification as professionals of the arts. The local community, besides assisting the works at the advanced level, will be able to participate in two days of training that will lead up to the musical celebration of The Mass of the Lord's Supper. This interaction between the participants, innovative at a national level, allows the involvement of the community in a relevant artistic environment.

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