The Opinion of Several Personalities About Our Festival

30 Jun

 Such a pleasure and unique opportunity, to spend 4 days in such breathtaking venue (Monastery of Alcobaça), working with an incredible team of very talented musicians and some of the most divine music ever written! We are so thankful!

Fernando Miguel Jalôto
Ludovice Ensemble

30 Jul

"One of the country's most important music festivals, presenting an impressive program."

Luís Castro Mendes
Minister of Culture

08 Nov

"We hold our participation in the XXVI Cistermúsica with immense esteem and value! It was a very moving and emotional moment in our journey."

Fernando Duarte
Choreographer and Dancer

08 Aug

"Thank you very much for the opportunity! It was a pleasure to be a part of this festival!"

Tiago Derriça

03 Aug

"Grateful for participating in this edition (26th). Congratulations to the direction once again for everything!"

Christina Margotto

02 Aug

"It was a great pleasure for Trio Pangea to present a double tribute to Debussy and Vianna da Motta at Cistermúsica Festival. We look forward to meet you again in the future!"

Trio Pangea
Trio with Piano

01 Aug

"Thank you so much for the invitation! I'm still so touched by the great atmosphere, the warm welcome and all the great services you did for me! What a gift!"

Silke Aichhorn

30 Jul

"Long live to Cistermúsica - Alcobaça Music Festival. Congratulations to the artistic and executive direction that makes the dream happen! Thank you!"

Carla Caramujo

17 Jul

"Big thanks to you for give us opportunity to play at Cistermúsica. It was so much fun to play with warm audience and these days became a great experience that will not be forget."

Duo Piaolin

12 Jul

"Thank you once again for looking after us all so well while we are in Alcobaca! It was a great pleasure for the group to be able to return to the Festival and we thoroughly enjoyed singing in such a wonderful setting."

The Orlando Consort
Ensemble Vocal

29 Jun

"The Municipality of Alcobaça is proud of all the work carried out over these 25 editions and congratulates all those who participate and make it possible, year after year, to hold a festival of this dimension."

Paulo Inácio
Mayor of Alcobaça

26 Jun

"One of the most beautiful stages and atmospheres to perform!"

Vasco Dantas

12 Aug

"Thank you very much for inviting the Henschel Quartet to Cistermúsica 2016. We’d be very happy to continue our collaboration in the future! Congratulations on your wonderful festival!

Henschel Quartett
Chamber Music Quartet

29 Jul

"It is a great pleasure to have participated in Cistermúsica in this wonderful setting with this very warm audience with the Orquestra Estágio Gulbenkian. I want to thank the festival a lot for having welcomed us and for participating in the developmen

Joana Carneiro