The Opinion of Several Personalities About Our Festival

25 Jul

It was a pleasure to come back, after several concerts we've done in this Festival, to see people passionate about art and music. It's one of the most well-intentioned passions: music is human and it's a certain form of humility, important value.

Marcos Magalhães
Os Músicos do Tejo

25 Jul

It was a great joy to sing again, in this beautiful city and in this magnificent festival.

Ricardo Ribeiro
From Baroque to Fado

25 Jul

It was the first time I performed at Cistermúsica, and in a special year. Everyone hadn't played for a long time and we were happy to be together again, in such a historic place.

Miguel Amaral
Portuguese Guitar

24 Jul

Both from an artistic point of view and from the energy of the audience and the hall, even in a circumstance of reduced capacity, [Beethoven's Integrals Concert] was an absolutely remarkable experience.

Maria João Cabral
Fundação La Caixa

22 Jul

Memorable that they made Cistermúsica happen under the current conditions. It was an honour for the Tejo Quartet to be able to open the Cistermúsica Festival and play under the magical atmosphere that enveloped the Cloister.

André Gaio Pereira
Quarteto Tejo

31 Jul

It is a great satisfaction to verify, from edition to edition, that Cistermúsica has broken barriers and walls, going through more and more monuments and places of our patrimony, both in the municipality of Alcobaça and all over the country.

Paulo inácio
Mayor of Municipality of Alcobaça

26 Jul

It was a pleasure to participate, once again, in this fantastic festival! Alcobaça has been part of our journey and it is an honour to come here, with an audience full of affection for us and which grows every year.

Joana Carneiro
Orquestra Estágio Gulbenkian

21 Jul

I convey on behalf of the whole group our most sincere gratitude for your work and especially for your dedication and love for music. A warm greeting from Spain.

Maria José Álvarez Borondo
Coro La Trova

13 Jul

We thank you for your welcome and it was a pleasure to present the company at your Festival.

Isabel Cruz
Companhia de Dança de Almada

31 Jul

It's always a privilege to come to Cistermúsica! I'm very pleased with the 27 years of the festival, which is becoming increasingly better known. It's good to see that it's decentralized and has full audiences, with great success in Alcobaça and nation

Alcina Gonçalves
Former Councillor for Culture of Municipality of Alcobaça

31 Jul

On a personal note, allow me to express my satisfaction with the festival, both in terms of organisation and the quality of the shows. Those I attended, in my opinion, were of high quality!

Firmino Miranda Rodrigues
Commander of PSP (Alcobaça)

31 Jul

The dimension, quality and great emotional intensity of the shows I have attended allow me to say that Cistermúsica has been affirming itself in the cultural scene at the highest level.

Rui Lopes
Teacher and Consultant

30 Jun

I' so happy, and so proud! I'm feeling really thankful: to the Cistermúsica directors, production and technical team, to the many friends who came, but above all to this excellent group of so inspiring and talented musicians! Thank you, guys!

Fernando Miguel Jalôto
Ludovice Ensemble

14 Jul

I had a truly wonderful time at the 2019 Cistermúsica festival in Alcobaça (and an additional concert in Arouca), together with my colleague Michelle L O'Connor. Many thanks to everyone at the festival who made our stay truly memorable!

Wolodymyr Smishkewych