Elsa Lacerda and Nathanaël Gouin

Belgium and France

Venue: Centro de Diálogo Intercultural de Leiria – Igreja da Misericórdia

Subject to capacity
E-mail: cdil@cm-leiria.pt
Tel: 244 839 677

Eleven songs of struggle, of resistance.
Eleven fists raised in music that inspire change

It was an evening in 2020, we were all in lockdown, hostages of the pandemic, confronted with ourselves outside the whirlwind of everyday life.
Added to this confinement were violent words insinuated by the media: some professions, some vocations, some life paths would be more "essential" than others. Musicians in particular.
The Change project arose in our minds during the 2020 pandemic: to sublimate the memory of those songs that helped change the world, to revisit those turning points in the history of societies, those moments of revolution and resistance, through the prism of our dreams and fears today.

Zeca Afonso (1929-1987), arr. Gwenaël Grisi (1989–)
Grândola, Vila Morena

Scorpions, arr. Fabian Fiorini (1973–)
Disapparition (de Wind of Change)

Billie Holiday (1915-1959), arr. Benoît Mernier (1974–)
Strange Fruit

Chico Buarque (1944- ), arr. Harold Noben (1978–)
Apesar de Você

Quilapayun, arr. Apolline Jesupret (1995–)
De Mille Murmures (de El Pueblo Unido Jamas Sera Vencido)

Italian folk, arr. Gwenaël Grisi
Bella Ciao

Grand Kallé (1930-1983), arr. Alexander Gurning (1973–)
Independance Cha Cha

Nathanaël Gouin (1988–)
A l’Ombre d’Un Chêne Vert

Elsa de Lacerda, violin
Nathanaël Gouin, piano



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