Almanzor JazzFest

Venue: Cine-teatro de Alcobaça - João d'Oliva Monteiro

Carolino / Delgado / Frazão

It could mean "The Greatest Band" but in this case the acronym refers only to the instruments: Tuba, Guitar and Drums. TGB is a Trio, formed (2003) by some of the most acclaimed musicians in Portugal: Sérgio Carolino - Tuba, Mário Delgado - Guitar, Alexandre Frazão - Drums.

They have released "Tuba, Guitar and Drums" (2004, Clean Feed Records), "Evil Things" (2010, Clean Feed Records), "III" (2019, Clean Feed Records) and are currently preparing their 4th record.

With "III", TGB can no longer be defined by the unusual instrumentation of a tuba, guitar and drums. They emerged with a music that was idiosyncratic, borderless and invincible. They mixed jazz, rock, folk, country and more... and it is also impossible to categorise them as a 'fusion' trio. TGB have expanded their horizons to such an extent, and with such particular results, that they have burst the label in question, inventing their own space in an ode to creative freedom.

Everything serves the purpose of this adventure, from seeking the pleasure of collective experience to challenging expectations. Not to be missed.

Sérgio Carolino, tuba
Mário Delgado, guitar
Alexandre Frazão, drums

Free entrance
Get your tickets on the day of the show at Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça João d'Oliva Monteiro


The safety rules for the access of the festival audience follow the recommendations of the Direção-Geral de Saúde.
We will welcome you with complete safety and health.
Programming subject to change.

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