Solists of Coro de Cámara de Granada and e Samsaoui Ensemble

Main Programme

Venue: Monastery of Alcobaça - D. Dinis Cloyster

The Magalhães and Elcano tour: A trip around the world in 12 works

Ancient Music Group

This programme revolves around the music that accompanied the portuguese Magalhães and the spaniard Elcano on what was the first circumnavigation of the planet 500 years ago. 

The soloists of the Coro de Cámara de Granada and the Samsaoui Ensemble, delve into all kinds of musical adventures that can be found in the archives of the geographical areas that were part of this epic voyage. Instrumental, vocal and mixed versions are the protagonists of this journey, which also includes references to the fundamental cities of Magellan's voyage around the world, such as Lisbon, Mactan, Punta Arenas, Guam or Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

Of particular relevance, in addition to the great spanish polyphonists such as Juan Vasquez and Francisco Guerrero, the repertoire includes the legacy of the portuguese Maestro Gaspar Fernandes, Chapel Master in the Cathedral of Guatemala and Puebla, who recreates in his polyphony all the mastery and polyphonic legacy of the spanish and portuguese Renaissance, contributing all the flavour of the vernacular languages. We are referring to works such as Xicochi Conetzintle, a beautiful lullaby; or the guineo a 5 Eso rigor e repente, all the flavour of popular music under the optic of the portuguese maestro.

A novel and original proposal, with some well-known pieces and many others rescued from old manuscripts, somewhat later than the ephemeris, but which transmit all the spirit of an era of important adventurers.

Solists of Coro de Cámara de Granada
María Jesús Pacheco e Maribel Hinojosa, sopranos
Miguel Ángel Hernández, countertenor
Jorge Rodríguez Morata, tenor, narration and direction
Miguel Rodríguez, bass and narration

Samsaoui Ensemble
Aziz Samsaoui, kanum, sitar and lute
Oussama Samsaoui, rabeca, violin
Ramon Gonzalo Moncho, guitars & charango
David Ruiz, percussion
Elena Escartín, flutes

Price: €10
Special price*: €8


*Discount for under 18s and over 65s




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Access to the venue
The access to the Mosteiro de Alcobaça is made through the Portaria (Monastery) entrance. The exit is through the same place. The entrance is exclusive to ticket holders. The entrance is made from 20h45 and until 15 minutes before the beginning of the show. No entry is allowed after the beginning of the show.

Safety guidelines
Masks must be worn, even with a visor.
Meet safety distances when entering the venue.
Use the hand sanitizer dispensers available in several areas of the venue.
Comply with respiratory etiquette.
Respect the distance between the seats.
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