Romeo and Juliet

Other Worlds

Venue: Monastery of Alcobaça - Fence

Quorum Ballet

This new production stems from the desire to continue working with the great classics, following the work developed with Swan Lake and The Rite of Spring | Made in China by Daniel Cardoso, relating them to life and society today. 

This time the choreographer takes on the challenge of presenting a new creation inspired by Romeo and Juliet, one of Shakespeare's best known works, and undoubtedly one of the most revisited classics in the history of dramatic literature. Perhaps because Love - in its romantic and absolute conception - that which is unconditional, transcendent and redeeming, continues to be the subject of research, astonishment and disquiet. That unexplained place that brings back the most violent emotions, the most overwhelming changes, the most decisive actions. 

This approach seeks to challenge the centrality of Romeo and Juliet: multiplied in a contemporary vision, in an arena where all without exception become Romeos and Juliets. In a universe where individually, all men and women cross in some way in the symbolic path of these characters, and experience various forms of love.  The notion of randomness, or fate, is also highlighted on this great stage of the social sphere, where the encounter of genuine Love may turn into an uncontrolled game of chance.

But above all, it seeks to rescue the space to rediscover Love in its most human and raw essence. Its irreducible and capital force. Its universal power. Because, regardless of our cultural, social and individual differences, there is something in which we can be unanimous: in the faith that the human condition would be inconceivable without Love. The Love that nourishes us and at the same time consumes us, that guides us and makes us lose, that can be as immense as the immeasurable inner world of the one who loves. Or as Romeo describes it: "Love: The most discreet Madness. Bitter poison and mitigated sweetness."

Price: 8 €
Reduced price*: 6 €


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Daniel Cardoso, artistic direction, choreography and concept
Ana Lázaro, dramaturgy support
Beatriz Graterol, Fernando Queiroz, Inês Godinho, John Hackett, Margarida Carvalho, Mariana Matos, Pedro Alves and Upock Qauqavan, dancers
Sergei Prokofiev, music
Daniel Cardoso and Hugo Franco Matos, set design
Maria Monte, costumes
Daniel Cardoso, light design
Raquel Vieira de Almeida, production
Maria Dolores do Espírito Santo, public relations
Cristina Bernardino, financial direction

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O BPI/Fundação "La Caixa" é Mecenas da 30.ª edição do Festival de Música de Alcobaça

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