River of Time – New Music (Frontiers)


Venue: Cine-Theater of Nazaré

Grupo de Música Contemporânea de Lisboa

After a year (2020) dedicated to its 50 years of history and the evocative ephemerides of Jorge Peixinho and Clotilde Rosa, this year we present River of Time.

A season of renewal of the contemporary musical tradition, which fluidity of time, bringing the heritage to the present, revisiting the origins, without, however, ceasing to build bridges to the vanguard of contemporaneity.

Nobody bathes twice in the same river... - Heraclitus

This is a thought that has always guided the music and aesthetics of Jorge Peixinho and of the musicians that accompanied him in founding the GMCL. It is in this same River that we begin the new cycle, presenting a turning point season, both in the world context in which we live, and in the paths that we want to auspice for the new times of music creation in Portugal.


Jorge Peixinho
Remake (1985)

Alexandre Delgado
Os Ingleses fumam cachimbo (2021)*

Anne Victorino d’Almeida
Fantasia para Clarinete Baixo e Ensemble (2021)*

Carlos Marecos
um sol mais sol que o sol (2021)*

Luciano Berio
Folk Songs (1964)

* Encomenda GMCL

Rui Pinheiro, conductor
Susana Teixeira, mezzo-soprano
João Pereira Coutinho, flute
Luís Gomes, clarinet
José Sá Machado, violin
Ricardo Mateus, viola
Jorge Sá Machado, cello
Inês Cavalheiro, harp
Dana Radu, piano
Fátima Juvandes, percussion
David Pereira, percussion
Carlos Marecos, electronics

Free Entrance
At Cine-Teatro da Nazaré (from 9 pm) until capacity limit.

Partnership: Municipality of Nazaré




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