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Venue: Monastery of Alcobaça - Wood

Jazz Quintet


What do the members of this quintet have in common? They met in 2022 in Boston, in the summer program "Five Week" at Berklee College of Music. Because of their excellent musical skills, they joined the All Star Jazz Ensemble promoted by the school for recordings and final concerts of the programme. From there, an atmosphere was created that would foster future projects with emphasis on their tour in Portugal in 2023.

Original themes by the musicians, including Home by João Rosa, Bring it on by Liam Rosenthal and New land by Ido Sussman.

João Rosa, vibraphone
Liam Rosenthal, guitar
Henry Berberi, alto saxophone
Astrid Allen, bass guitar
Ido Sussman, drums

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BPI/"La Caixa" Foundation and Égide – Associação Portuguesa das Artes are Patrons of the 31st edition of the Alcobaça Music Festival