Real Câmara with Mira Glodeanu and Céline Scheen

Main Programme

Venue: Montebelo Mosteiro de Alcobaça Historic Hotel

Baroque orchestra, soprano and soloists

Salve Regina! Italian-style Marian devotion in the late Baroque


Devotion to the Virgin Mary was reinforced by the post-Tridentine Catholic Church in the face of attacks from Protestant reformers. Some of the liturgical texts, such as the four great Marian antiphons, were repeatedly set to music by the composers of the time, and the use of all the expressive resources at their disposal in order to captivate and move the faithful often resulted in unusual combinations between the sacred and the sensual.

This programme brings together an original selection of works by some of the greatest composers of the late Baroque, which exemplifies the best sacred vocal writing in concertante style to the Italian taste. Scarlatti and Händel's Salve Regina explore the extreme pathos of the text, in a very peculiar combination, alternating between the decorum of Roman heritage and the rapture and virtuosity of Neapolitan taste. From Vienna, there is an exultant Ave Regina cœlorum, by Fux and a very operatic Haec est regina virginum, by his Venetian colleague Caldara. Completing this programme were some beautiful instrumental works by the same authors, as well as a divertimento by the Genoese Portuguese composer Pedro Jorge Avondano.

Mira Glodeanu, violin and direction
Céline Scheen, soprano
Diana Vinagre, cello 

Real Câmara
Mira Glodeanu, Varoujan Doneyan and César Nogueira, violins I
Jacek Kurzydło, Guillermo Santonja and Ágnes Sárosi, violins II
Miriam Macaia Martins and Íñigo Aranzasti Pardo, violas
Diana Vinagre and Julien Hainsworth, cellos
Marta Vicente, double bass
Fernando Miguel Jalôto, harpsichord/organ



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