Quinteto PiazzOlga

Portugal and Argentina

Venue: Lisboa - Teatro Maria Matos

Works by Astor Piazzolla


The PiazzOlga Quintet celebrates the long and prolific career of Olga Prats, who disappeared in 2021. This pianist was the first to play and record the music of the Argentine Astor Piazzolla, in Portugal, or to spread fado on the piano from Alexandre Rey Colaço to Eduardo Burnay. Through a recreation of Piazzolla's New Tango Quintet, led by Jill Lawson, on the piano, this important pianist and the repertoire of composers such as the Argentine Astor Piazzolla, Heitor Villa-Lobos and Fernando Lopes Graça are evoked. This innovative presentation involves a mise-en-scène, which includes the recitation of poems and moments of improvisation.

First Part

Radamés Gnattali (1906-1988)
Ária da Suite Antiga (arr. for violin and piano)

Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959)
Melodia sentimental (arr. for violin and double bass)

Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992)
Suite ‘Silfo e Ondina’ (Quinteto): Tangata – Soledad – Fugata 

Radamés Gnattali
Uma rosa para Pixinguinha (arr. for violin and piano)

César Guerra-Peixe (1914-1993)
Mourão (arr. for violin and double bass)

Bernardo Mariano
Poema ‘Outono Porteño’ (recitation) 

Astor Piazzolla
Outono Porteño (Quintet)

Second Part

Astor Piazzolla
Concerto para quinteto (3 movements)

Improvisação sobre um fado de Coimbra (bandoneon solo)*

Eduardo Burnay
Fado (piano solo)*

Fernando Lopes-Graça
Morna Cabo-verdiana n.º (piano solo)*

Improvisação sobre um tema de Tom Jobim (guitar solo)*

F. Lopes-Graça
Morna Cabo-verdiana n.º (piano solo)*

Alexandre Rey Colaço
Fado (piano solo)*

*Solos played without interruption

Astor Piazzolla
La muerte del angel (original version for Quintet)

Heitor Villa-Lobos
Ária (Cantilena) da Bachianas 5**

**Idea of Bernardo Mariano, developed together with the Quintet members and premiered at the Sintra 2022 Festival

The artistic director of this project, Bernardo Mariano, thanks Roberto Gnattali (nephew of the composer) and the violinist Luiz Rabello for lending the Radamés pieces; the double bassist Gustavo Fontes for lending his arrangements of Melodia Sentimental and Mourão; and the Romanian double bassist Catalin Rotaru for lending his arrangement for double bass and piano from Bachianas

Jill Lawson, piano
Martín Sued, bandoneon
Manuel Ferrer, violin
Vanessa Lima, bass guitar
João Carreiro, electric guitar

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