Practices of Rebirth

Other Worlds

Venue: Monastery of Alcobaça - Cloister of D. Dinis

Margarida Belo Costa, choreography - André Hencleeday, music


Rebirth  is a biological and organic act.
Rebirth puts on a second skin, a new body.
Rebirth can be a religious, philosophical act, of resurrection and reincarnation.
Rebirth evokes myths, metaphors and memories.
Rebirth is utopian.
Rebirth, recycle and recreate.
Rebirth is a change of perspective, an opportunity.
Rebirth provokes attunements, unison, encounters and separations.
Rebirth can arise from a state of apnea, from space in a vacuum, without gravity.
Rebirth can take a millisecond or an eternity.
Rebirth is a cry - it liberates, it offers room for the new.
Rebirth starts from destruction - it revives, rescues and renews.
Rebirth is the explosion of singularity. 

Margarida Belo Costa, artistic direction, concept and choreography
Ester Gonçalves, Eliana Carvalho and Leonor Ferreira, co-creation and interpretation
Interpretation of Chaconne, from Partita n.º 2 in D minor by J.S. Bach, BWV1004, by André Hencleeday, music
Filipa Romeu and Cláudio Marto, light design
Margarida Belo Costa and Irina Bilenka, costumes
Ester Gonçalves, graphic design
M. Nascimento, poster photography
Teresa Alves da Silva, rehearsal assistance
Escola Superior de Dança - IPL and CAB - Centro Coreográfico Lisboa, supports/artistic residences

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BPI/"La Caixa" Foundation and Égide – Associação Portuguesa das Artes are Patrons of the 31st edition of the Alcobaça Music Festival