Palissander Chamber Choir

South Africa

Venue: Santuário de Nossa Senhora da Nazaré

Kaleidoscope – Everchanging journey

Vocal Ensemble


Palissander, one of South Africa’s premier chamber choirs, is an independent amateur choir of international standing that was formed in 1992. In 2023, Palissander will walk a portion of the Camino Portugués (to Santiago de Compostela) and will perform, in addition to Nazaré, in Porto, Lisbon and Cascais. The theme for the programme is Kaleidoscope – everchanging journey. The music reflects every person’s physical, as well as spiritual, journey through life. Like a kaleidoscope, one’s journey is everchanging.

The programme portrays the two mirrors of a kaleidoscope in the form of contrasting concepts that one encounters on the journey, such as alone/together, seeking love/having found love, old path/new path and storm/sun. A key reflection is that the destination is not more important than the journey. In each concert, the audience is invited to select the order in which the music is performed, based on the concepts that resonate most with them at the time. In this way, the concerts themselves are everchanging. The programme combines music by composers from around the globe with that of African composers. The music is accessible to everyone.

Palissander is based in Pretoria, South Africa, and currently consists of 24 members, 19 of whom are touring to Portugal.

Sarita Hauptfleisch, direction

Partnership: Confraria de Nossa Senhora da Nazaré

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