Orquestra Sem Fronteiras

Main Programme

Venue: Monastery of Alcobaça - Refectory

Joan Seguí Mercadal, organ

A concert that develops between contrasting planes, through time and sound, playing with the presence of the organ as solo instrument. Alternating the classical repertoire for solo organ with avant-garde works for extended ensemble and exploring a rich range of timbres and expressive possibilities, this is an immersive concert, in which the audience can circulate and build their own sound experience.


Antonio de Cabezón
Diferencias sobre "Las Vacas"
Joan Seguí Mercadal, órgão

John Cage

Pablo Bruna
Tiento de falsas de segundo tono
Joan Seguí Mercadal, órgão

Jordan Nobles
The Library of Babel (estreia nacional)

Joan Cabanilles
Xácara de primer tono
Joan Seguí Mercadal, órgão

Terry Riley
In C

Martim Sousa Tavares, musical direction
Joan Seguí Mercadal, organ

Rui Correia, tenor trombone
Tomás Longo, vibraphone
Martim Sousa Tavares, synthesizer
Tina Coelho, electric bass
Catarina Távora, cello
Inês Alves, alto saxophone
Emma Amorim, bass clarinet
Francisco Caldeira, viola

Free entry subject to online booking (subject to capacity limits) here: https://bit.ly/osf-reservas

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