O Doido e a Morte (The Madman and Death) and three vocal works by Alexandre Delgado

Main Programme

Venue: Cine-Theater of Alcobaça – João d'Oliva Monteiro

Toy Ensemble

Price: 10 €
Reduced price*: 8 €


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Since its premiere at São Carlos in 1994, Alexandre Delgado's opera O Doido e a Morte (The Madman and Death) has become one of the most performed Portuguese operas, also performed in Germany and Brazil. Based on Raul Brandão's brilliant farce of the same name, it tells the story of the civil governor and Senhor Milhões who set out to blow up the capital in a dialogue between the comic and the transcendent. In this Toy Ensemble show, the three singers who recorded the opera on CD will perform more recent vocal works by the composer: Tríptico Camoniano, Ciclo Quinhentista and Es Lisboa una octava maravilla.

Alexandre Delgado, direction
Salmo Faria, stage director
Carlos Guilherme, tenor
Luís Rodrigues, baritone
Susana Teixeira, mezzo soprano
Carla Rincon, violin
Jorman Torres, violin
Jed Barahal, cello
David Wyn Lloyd, viola
Pedro Levandeira, double bass
João Moreira, bass clarinet
Tiago Bento, clarinet
Vera Dias, bassoon/contra bassoon
Ana Maria Ribeiro, G flute/flautin
Christina Margotto, harpsichord

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