María de Buenos Aires, by Astor Piazzolla


Venue: Castelo Branco · Fábrica da Criatividade

Daniel Schvetz, direction · Ana Ester Neves, soprano

Opera - Tango

María de Buenos Aires is a theatrical/musical show - the first in the opera-tango of Astor Piazzolla genre - with libretto by Horacio Ferrer, the uruguayan-argentinian poet that also wrote poems for several Piazzolla’s tangos.
The plot, complex and with surrealist overtones, unfolds over 17 frames, alternating between sung, recited or exclusively instrumental sections, where we follow the life, death, resurrection and motherhood of María. The protagonist wanders between typical characters and scenes of everyday life in the Argentine capital, crossing paths with a poet narrator who is also a goblin, several puppets under her control, and a circus of psychoanalysts.
María and her shadow are the representation of Buenos Aires, associated with the tango, the life of the streets and the night. But the character contains multiple interpretations and is often associated both with the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, and with the feminine condition.
The piece premiered in the Sala Planeta in Buenos Aires in may 8th 1968. The composer himself classified it as “Operita”, that we can consider “Chamber”, and is presented with a staff of eleven instrumentalists, two solo singers (a soprano and a baritone), a reciter and a small choral group (with 4 to 6 elements) also reciting.

Ana Ester Neves, soprano soloist
Christian Luján, baritone soloist
Guido Lisioli, solo reciter

Ana Beatriz Manzanilla, first violin
Beatriz Saglimbeni, second violin
Pedro Muñoz, viola
Carolina Matos, cello
Pedro Wallenstein, contrabass
Katherine Rawdon, flute
Elizabeth Davis, percussion
Alexandre Frazão, drums
Mário Delgado, guitar
Martín Sued, bandoneón
Janice Iandritsky, Bárbara Faustino e Zé Bernardino, dance and recitative choir
Janice Iandritsky, choreography

Eduardo Stupia, audiovisual
Duilio Fonda, ilustration

Daniel Schvetz, piano and musical direction

Free Ticket (available at Cine-Teatro Avenida, from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm)
Use of mask is mandatory








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