Manuel de Oliveira, João Frade and Sandra Martins

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Venue: Monastery of Alcobaça - Cloister of the Lodge

Entre-Lugar (In-between Place)

Guitar, accordion and violin trio

Manuel de Oliveira returns to the stage to present Entre-Lugar (In-between Place).

In concert, Manuel de Oliveira presents himself in trio with João Frade and Sandra Martins, to play Entre-Lugar (In-between Place) and also revisit some of the themes from Ibéria and Amarte.

Following the forced stop due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Manuel de Oliveira went intensively into the studio to record his fourth album of originals.

Entre-Lugar (In-between Place) is a musical journey in trio, with João Frade on the accordion and Sandra Martins on the cello. It also has special participations by the fado singer Marco Rodrigues, the drummer Marito Marques and Maria Quê.

A record dedicated to his father and master, the guitarist Aprígio Oliveira and which also has tributes to José Afonso and Paco de Lucia.

For Entre-Lugar (In-between Place), Manuel de Oliveira started from his recognised Iberian identity, adding colours and flavours from other places, crossing the ethnic with the urban, African music with fado, flamenco with tango, in a vast multicultural symbiosis.

The braguesa viola plays a decisive role in this multiculturality, already previously explored in the album Ibéria but here and now with a more marked and decisive presence. The braguesa, thanks to its sonority somewhere between the dolence of the Portuguese guitar and the exoticism of the Arab mandola, gives Entre-Lugar (In-between Place) its true sense, of restless identity, without preconceptions and at the same time full of authenticity from amongst the places of Portuguese identity.

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Manuel de Oliveira, guitar and viola braguesa
João Frade, accordion
Sandra Martins, cello

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