Luso-Glass Dialogue


Venue: Monastery of Alcobaça - Refectory

Drumming GP

One of the best known pieces by the American minimalist composer Philip Glass is related to Lusophony: Águas da Amazónia. Each of the pieces is inspired by and dedicated to a large river in the Amazon jungle. This incrustation of the American composer in the heart of Brazil (Rio Amazónia, Rio Japura, Rio Madeira, Rio Xingu) is preceded by a Portuguese proposal, by José Alberto Gomes, Miguel Oliveira and Daniel Bernardes. From this last composer we will hear a premiere of Fragmentos.


Daniel Bernardes
Quarteto de Marimbas nº1 (2019)

Philip Glass
Águas da Amazónia (1993-99)
IV - Amazon River

Daniel Bernardes
Fragmentos (2019) Estreia

Philip Glass
Águas da Amazónia (1993-99)
I - Japura River

Miguel Oliveira
Fractal (2007/2021)

Philip Glass
Águas da Amazónia (1993-99)
III - Xingu River

José Alberto Gomes
No Moon (2016)

Philip Glass
Águas da Amazónia (1993-99)
II - Madeira River 

Drumming Grupo de Percussão
João Miguel Braga Simões, Pedro Góis, André Dias e Daniel Araújo

Miquel Bernat, artistic direction
Suse Ribeiro, sound design and operation
Emanuel Pereira, light design and operation

Drumming-GP is a structure supported by the DGArtes of the Portuguese Ministry of Culture

Free entry subject to online booking (subject to capacity limits) here:

Partnership: Municipality of Alcobaça


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