Almanzor JazzFest

Venue: Cine-teatro de Alcobaça - João d'Oliva Monteiro

R'B Loop Station (showcase)


R'B Loop Station

Rui Bandeira (trombonist) is a member of the European Movement Jazz Orchestra, Mr. SC and Wild Bones, Big Band Estarrejazz, Funky Bones Factory, New Sketch, Souq, Fanfarra Kaustika, Orquestra de Jazz do Porto, R'B & Mr.SC and L.A Banda Larga. He collaborates with several jazz orchestras, including the Big Band of Hot Club de Portugal. He has collaborated with Orquestra Fundação Guimarães, Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras, Orquestra do Algarve and Orquestra Clássica de Coimbra. As a freelancer he walks between jazz, erudite and pop.

In Alcobaça, he will let himself be influenced, in artistic residence, by everything that surrounds him, presenting the result of his original compositions in a showcase.

Rui Bandeira, trombone



LiftOff was formed in 2002 in the city of Aveiro, with pianist Óscar M. da Graça and vibraphonist Jeffery Davis as leaders. Having complemented the project with different rhythm sections over time, they are currently accompanied by bassist Nelson Cascais and drummer Alexandre Frazão.

The group assumes a desire to make a difference by the originality of the compositions, and also, naturally, by the instrumental relationship between piano and vibraphone which, although not new, is unusual.

Óscar Graça and Jeffery Davis are also responsible for the composition. Both with diversified influences, marked by studies in classical music (where they began), the search for compositional consistency (and repertoire) is a priority - LiftOff has to have a direction, a sound that illustrates the dialogue between what distinguishes and what unites the two musicians. Somehow, a play between their influences.

In 2018 they released "Train of Thought" where piano and vibraphone intertwine ideas, fostering a constant dialogue, alternating positions, in a permanent game in full lift-off. Currently they are preparing their new record, to be released in 2022.

Óscar M. da Graça, piano
Jeffery Davis, vibraphone
Nélson Cascais, double bass
Alexandre Frazão, drums

Free entrance
Get your tickets on the day of the show at Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça João d'Oliva Monteiro


The safety rules for the access of the festival audience follow the recommendations of the Direção-Geral de Saúde.
We will welcome you with complete safety and health.
Programming subject to change.

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