La Vida Secreta


Venue: Cine-Theater of Alcobaça – João d'Oliva Monteiro

Ensemble Darcos

Pocket opera from Salvador Dalí

This pocket opera portrays the surreal world of Spanish painter Salvador Dalí through the eyes of his companion-muse Gala. Having as its only protagonist the figure of Gala, played by the Spanish soprano Conchi Moyano, it unveils the woman as a multiple and central inspiration in the development of Dalí's inimitable surrealism, and serves as a starting point for a transposition of the universe of his work to the present day, where the digitalisation of relationships has taken on challenging and absurd proportions. Gala as the woman who did not attend the #MeToo movement, but... what if she had participated, would there have been Dalí? Would the giraffes continue their exotic long-legged stroll?

Nuno Côrte-Real

For music to sound, silence must exist beforehand. Just as no sea can open without the certainty, however distant, that a little piece of firm land awaits hidden in the crease of the fold of some map.
Nor is there spring without winter. Forest without roots. Paradise without purgatory. Light without darkness. Gold without mud. Lucidity without madness. Light laughter without first weighing (us) the blood in our veins. Ying without yang. It is necessary to know the South in order, perhaps, one day, to come close to understanding the heart of the North. And vice versa.
The same happens when it comes to knowing, or at least trying to know, the secret life of Salvador Dalí's life. How can one speak of the idol without listening to the man? How can one speak of the genius without invoking the fairy?
For all that, Gala and the Universe have come together in this proposal. For who better than the artist's polar star to guide us by ear on our odyssey to all its centres?
Elena Ivávnova Diakonova thus submits to a singular session of psychoanalysis that comes close to a prayer. During this one, the audience will also have to close their eyes to start seeing.
Playing from canvas to canvas, from verse to verse and from memory to memory like the sailboat that ploughs faith from island to island, Gradiva will place in the spectator's hands, all at once, a sharp knife and a dying flower: the master keys to the doors with no return to the depths of Daliniana's unrepeatable consciousness.

Martha Asunción Alonso

Nuno Côrte-Real, music and musical direction
Martha Asunción Alonso, libretto
Carlos Antunes, direction and scenography
Conchi Moyano, soprano
Jesus Ramos, voice off

Nuno Braz de Oliveira, costumes
Zeca Iglésias, light design
Fátima Sousa, make-up
Rafaela Figueiredo, Júlio Antunes, André Lopes, video
Carlos Antunes, Karina Jeppesen, video conception and coordination
Carlos Antunes, translation of the libretto and subtitling
Virgílio da Silva Coelho, set construction

Ensemble Darcos
Emanuel Salvador, violin
Reyes Gallardo, viola
Filipe Quaresma, cello
Rodrigo Lima, saxophone
Hélder Marques, piano

Inês Mesquita, co-répétiteur

Reginacork, S.A.

Free Entrance
Ticket collection on site on the same day from 15h00 and until 30 minutes after the beginning of the show.





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