La Grande Chapelle


Venue: São João Baptista Church in Lumiar - Lisbon

Latin Works, by José de Baquedano

Ancient Music Group

Despite his importance and the artistic quality of his musical output, the composer from Navarre, José de Baquedano [Vaqueano], has not been sufficiently appreciated, perhaps because of his chronological position between two great figures of the 17th century: Juan Hidalgo and Sebastián Durón. Leaving his native Puente la Reina, Baquedano moved to Madrid, where he took the Trinitarian habit at the Convent of the Barefoot Trinitarians. He studied with Matías Ruiz, chapel master at the Royal Monastery of the Incarnation. His prestige in Spanish musical circles reached such an extent that in 1680 the governing body of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela offered him the post of chapel master, which he held for almost 30 years. In his sacred works, Baquedano achieved an admirable symbiosis between modern style and traditional polyphonic languages.

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