King Lear

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Venue: Monastery of Alcobaça - Cloister of the Lodge

Toy Ensemble

Shakespeare's King Lear is the tragedy of senile dementia, inspired by the story of the mythical King Leir of Brittany, who disowned the daughter who loved him and divided the kingdom between two wicked daughters. The present version was commissioned by Centro Cultural de Belém for a performance by the Toy Ensemble, which took place on Dias da Música in 2019. For this challenge set by André Cunha Leal, Alexandre Delgado made a continuous overlap of music and declamation, based on Álvaro Cunhal's translation. From an original with 30 characters and over three hours long, he extracted the core of the story and the six crucial characters: the old king, the wicked daughters Goneril and Regan, the kindly daughter Cordelia, the faithful Kent and the Fool who accompanies Lear in the apocalyptic darkness of a world turned upside down. A quintet of piano, oboe, clarinet, violin and cello is joined by the tenor Carlos Guilherme as the Fool and Alexandre Delgado himself as the reciter of the remaining characters.

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King Lear from William Shakespeare's tragedy for five actors, tenor, oboe, clarinet, horn, cello and piano

Music and text adaptation by Alexandre Delgado based on Álvaro Cunhal's translation.

Alexandre Delgado, declamation
Carlos Guilherme, fool (tenor)

Toy Ensemble
Pedro Teixeira, oboe
Tiago Bento, clarinet
Dário Ribeiro, horn
Burak Ozkan, cello
Christina Margotto, piano

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