Ibero-American Encounter

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Venue: Cine-Theater of Alcobaça – João d'Oliva Monteiro

Yamandu Costa invites Luís Guerreiro and Martín Sued

The Iberian tradition encompasses countries of diverse and varied cultures which are linked by a rich and solid cultural thread which creates points of meetings and mismatches... These similarities and differences are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Yamandu Costa, the prodigy of the 7-string guitar, has idealized a project in which he invites two great musicians, linked by belonging to the same generation and carrying in themselves a powerful tradition from each of their countries, where the Iberian tradition is unavoidable. In this case: Brazil, Argentina and Portugal. Besides tradition, these musicians reinvent together a language of their own that is born from the junction of their cultures. Languages, feelings that are accommodated in different ways, sounds with which they were born and grew up, this is what this unique project provides. The bandoneón, tango's flagship, moves to speak another language, together with the iconic Portuguese guitar which carries the voice of Fado and the no less representative 7-string guitar which immediately refers to Brazil. Respecting his roots, Yamandu and his guests propose a personal and reinvented vision of the Ibero-American musical concept. This encounter culminated in the launching of the CD Caminantes, where the tracks the trio recorded together can be found. In 2021, Yamandu Costa presented this project, always to sold-out crowds, in Espinho, Estarreja and Ílhavo!


Vira de Frielas
José Nunes

Lapa Hora Zero
Yamandu Costa

Yamandu Costa

Yamandu Costa / Luís Guerreiro / Martín Sued

Os Cinco Companheiros

Yamandu Costa

O Despertar da Montanha
Eduardo Souto

Milonga Choro
Yamandu Costa

Peregrine & Beignet
Martín Sued

Quando o Meu Filho Nascer
Jaime Santos

Julián Plaza

Yamandu Costa

Yamandu Costa, 7 string guitar
Luís Guerreiro, Portuguese guitar
Martín Sued, bandoneón




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