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Venue: Monastery of Alcobaça - Chapter Hall

Blooming Winds

The programme of the Blooming Winds concert is based on music by and for women, covering compositions that take us from the late 19th century to the present day. The evening starts with a work for solo piano, composed by the composer and pianist Amy Beach (1867 - 1944), although the focus is on vocal music, to be presented by the Vocal Ensemble Aura. Indeed, the understanding of Amy Beach as the first great American composer is mostly due to her orchestral music, although her production of chamber songs was equally prolific. In turn, her works reflect a journey marked by conflicts between a prodigious talent and social roles and gender conventions that marginalised it. Sarah Quartel (1982 -), on the other hand, brings us a contemporary freshness, sharing with Beach a dazzle towards idyllic nature, reflected in four songs from her 2018 album, Voice on the Wind, a title that also names her first song in this concert.

Ana Sofia Malheiro

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Reduced price*: 6 €


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Blooming Winds
Música de Amy Beach e Sarah Quartel

Amy Beach (1857 - 1944)
3 Piano Pieces, op. 128, n.º 3
Springtime, op. 124
The Little Brown Bee, op. 9

Sarah Quartel (1982 -)
Voice on the Wind

Amy Beach
3 Browning Songs, op. 44
Dusk in June, op. 82
Three Flower Songs, op. 31

Sarah Quartel
The Birds’ Lullaby

Amy Beach
3 Shakespeare Choruses, op. 39
4 Sketches, op. 15, n.º 2
Far Awa’, op. 43, n.º 4

Sarah Quartel

Ariana Russo, Cecília Rodrigues, Claire Santos and Sofia David, sopranos
Joana Esteves, Rita Filipe, Rita Tavares and Salomé Monteiro, altos
Inês Tavares Lopes, artistic direction
Joana Vieira Shumova, piano
Otelo Lapa, stage design


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