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Venue: Monastery of Cós

Vere Dominus Est

Originating in a geographical area that corresponds today to the north of Belgium and the south of the Netherlands, the so-called Franco-Flemish School developed from the 15th century onwards as one of the most prominent currents of polyphonic vocal music. The motto of the programme presented by the Cupertinos vocal group in this 2022 edition of Cistermúsica consists in exploring some of the main lines that reveal the influence of Franco-Flemish music in the Portuguese musical environment of the 1500s and 1600s. In this sense, we propose a journey through the iconic legacy of Jean Mouton (c.1459-1522), Damião de Góis (1502-1574), Jacques Arcadelt (c.1507-1568), Pierre de Manchicourt (c.1510-1564), Pedro de Cristo (c.1550-1618), Philippe Rogier (c.1561-1596), Duarte Lobo (c.1565-1646) and Filipe de Magalhães (c.1571-1652).



Vere Dominus est – influência da música Franco-Flamenga em Portugal nos séculos XVI e XVII

Pierre de Manchicourt (1510 - 1564)
Vere Dominus est a 5

Filipe de Magalhães (1571 - 1652)
Kyrie (da Missa Vere Dominus est)

Gloria (da Missa Vere Dominus est)

Damião de Góis (1502 - 1574)
Ne laeteris a 3

Pedro de Cristo (1550 - 1618)
Pater peccavi

Miserere mei Domine

Filipe de Magalhães
Credo (da Missa Vere Dominus est)

Pedro de Cristo
Parce mihi Domine a 8

Philippe Rogier (1561 - 1596)
Clamavi de tribulatione mea

Jacques Arcadelt (1507 - 1568)
Gaudent in caelis

Filipe de Magalhães
Sanctus & Benedictus (da Missa Vere Dominus est)

Filipe de Magalhães
Agnus Dei (da Missa Vere Dominus est)

Jean Mouton (1459 - 1522)
Tua est potentia a 5

Duarte Lobo (1565 - 1646)
Audivi vocem de caelo a 6

Luís Toscano, musical direction
Eva Braga Simões e Joana Castro, cantus
Gabriela Braga Simões e Maria Bustorff, altus
Luís Toscano e André Lacerda, tenor
Pedro Silva e Nuno Mendes, bassus

Support: Parish of Cós and União das Freguesias de Cós, Alpedriz e Montes
This concert is also part of the programme of the International Festival of Portuguese Polyphony, promoted by the Cupertino de Miranda Foundation.

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