CISMO invites Cristina Branco

Other Worlds

Venue: Monastery of Alcobaça - Fence

Cister Meta Orchestra

In a celebration of music by music as a form of communication in which dialogue, sometimes in agreement, sometimes in disagreement, with syntony or divergence, but always with very personalized arguments, CISMO proposes an unprecedented musical journey.

A challenge launched to four composers to set to music the themes Cristina Branco offers us in this concert, without losing the identity of their musical language, without being mere arrangements, that propose and renew our senses in a contemporary discovery of a new approach of listening to music - this is the real reason why we move.

In an era of multiple sound identities often in overlapping, CISMO proposes a creative freedom in musical juxtaposition. These are times of discovery and innovation that awaken our senses, in music it's up to us to contribute a little so that in this concert we can renew Pessoa's phrase "First it's strange, then it gets into you".

Free entrance by picking up a ticket at the Alcobaça Music Academy (limited to 2 tickets per person and to the capacity of the hall)


Ai, esta pena de mim
Music by José António Sabrosa and lyrics by Amália Rodrigues
Orchestration by Carlos Brito Dias

Fado da Partilha
Music by Ricardo J. Dias and lyrics by Mário Cláudio
Orchestration by Daniel Schvetz

Music and lyrics by Chico Buarque
Orchestration by Anne Victorino d'Almeida

Music by Alain Oulman and lyrics by Alexandre O'Neill
Orchestration by Carlos Brito Dias

E às vezes dou por mim
Music by Filho da Mãe and lyrics by André Henriques
Orchestration by Daniel Bernardes

Reflexão Total
Music by Pedro Centeno Moreira and lyrics by António Gedeão
Orchestration by Daniel Bernardes

O Meu Amor
Music and lyrics by Chico Buarque
Orchestration by Daniel Schvetz

Navio Triste
Music by Ricardo Dias and lyrics by Vitorino
Orchestration by Anne Victorino d'Almeida

Alice no País dos Matraquilhos
Music and lyrics by Sérgio Godinho
Orchestration by Daniel Schvetz

CISMO – Cister Meta Orchestra
Mário Marques, saxophones and artistic direction
Daniel Bernardes, piano
Rui Ramos, flute
Pedro Massarrão, cello
Gil Gonçalves, tuba
Manuel Campos, percussion

Cristina Branco, voice
Bernardo Couto, Portuguese guitar
Bernardo Moreira, double bass


If you have any questions, please contact us:
Tel. 967 716 647 or

BPI/"La Caixa" Foundation is Patron of the 30th edition of the Alcobaça Music Festival

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