Capdeville Ensemble


Venue: Cine-Theater of Alcobaça – João d'Oliva Monteiro

Nocturne for Constança [Premiere]

Instrumental Ensemble


Constance is a sea...

Of sounds, words, images, movements...

Of places... of moonlight.

Of openness, of avant-garde, of creation and re-creation.

Everything, for everyone.

It's a sea that mirrors itself in the distance... that mirrors itself in us and for us...

It's not a concert, it's not a play... It's a single show, where the works intertwine and succeed each other without interruption.

Music, theatre, poetry and audiovisuals evoke the presence of everyone (composers, instrumentalists, conductor, audience) and of Sophia, Florbela, Caeiro and Camões... of Constança... and the sounds around her.

Constança is mirrored in the silvery sea of the moonlit night and is reflected in us... even today... and watches with us as the world bewilders us!


Constança Capdeville (1937–1992)
Di lontan fa specchio il mare

Ana Seara (1985–)
Passa uma borboleta (homenagem a Olga Prats)

Constança Capdeville
Momento I

Ana Seara

Ângela da Ponte (1984–)
Ao Desconcerto do Mundo


Filipa Lima, flute
Tiago Menino, clarinet
Tomás Rosa, percussion
Salomé Pais Matos, harp
Júlio Guerreiro, guitar
Inês Mesquita, piano
David Ascensão, violin
Leonor Flemming, viola
Fernando Costa, cello
Júlio Guerreiro, narrator

José Eduardo Gomes, director
Ana Seara, artistic director
Ricardo Mendes, executive director, Mapa de Sons, support

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