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Venue: Monastery of Alcobaça - Refectory

Ordo Virtutum

With her visionary works and chants, Hildegard von Bingen wrote a kind of theological synthesis of the arts that is unparalleled, and with the Ordo Virtutum she created the first mystery play in Europe that has come down to us in writing. With her visionary works and her chants, Hildegard von Bingen wrote a kind of theological synthesis of the arts that is unparalleled. One senses Hildegard's love of design and her vein for dramatic productions when she lets the virtuous forces appear and sing as allegories: Hildegard's vision of a divine order in sounds and actions. The music of the Ordo Virtutum is found in the so-called Riesenkodex (Wiesbaden) and was transcribed from the original by Maria Jonas for this production. The idea of our performance is a visual and acoustic journey through time into the world of music and mysticism of that distant time that is so close again today.

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PROLOG - Listen, daughters of light
The play begins with a song from Andernach (12th century): "Audite, o lucis filie!" Humilitas calls her Virtues (God's powers) to her - only Infelix Anima, the sad soul remains in doubt and stays away from the Virtutes. 

CENE I - The lost soul and the heavenly forces
Infelix Anima and Diabolus - the Virtutes fight for the sad soul, which the devil wants to prevent. The Virtutes sing a lament: "O plangens vox". 

CENE II - The order of the celestial forces
The Virtutes present themselves, the devil tries to disturb - but he is no match for the united forces of the Virtutes: Humilitas, Karitas, Castitas, Contemptus Mundi, Victoria, Discretio and Paciencia.

CENE III - The struggle of the celestial forces for the lost souls.
The soul is impressed by this demonstration and laments its wounds. She calls to the Virtutes for help. The scene ends with an impressive prayer of thanksgiving: "O vivens fons!“ - O living source.

CENE IV -  Victory of the forces of heaven
It comes to a happy end! Victoria puts the devil in chains - everyone rejoices! And before the final piece, Humilitas asks an unusual question: "God, who are you?"

FINALE - In the beginning all creatures greened

PEREGRINE: Petra Koerdt, Cora Schmeiser, Uta Kirsten
ANIMA: Cora Schmeiser 
DIABOLUS: Lucia Mense, medieval flutes
HUMILITAS: Maria Jonas
KARITAS: Amanda Simmons
CASTITAS: Uta Kirsten
AMOR CELESTIS: Susanne Ansorg, fiddle, bells
VICTORIA: Pamela Petsch, frame drum
DISCRETIO: Stefanie Brijoux
PATIENTIA: Sylvia Dörnemann

Maria Jonas, director
Ars Choralis Coeln, production

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