André Fernandes

Almanzor JazzFest

Venue: Cine-teatro de Alcobaça - João d'Oliva Monteiro

André Fernandes is not only a great guitarist, but also a great musician, versatile and without prejudices. He is passionate about music in general and jazz in particular.

He was elected musician of the year by RTP / Jazz Festival and is promoting his most recent phonographic edition: "Dianho" (winner of the Best Jazz Album - PLAY Awards).

With "Dianho" André Fernandes gives continuity to "Draco", changing the stars for the imaginary of the traditional Portuguese bestiary.

Live, "Centauri", present the awarded record in a concert that also goes through the music of "Draco", in a sound trip that goes through the distant constellations and the dreams inspired by them, and the "subterranean" mythology of the nightmares imagined in the traditional Portuguese culture, in a sound that alternates between the already called grunge jazz or stoner jazz, and the directed abstractionism, with moments of sound blanket and others of pure energy.

With "Dianho" André Fernandes has demonstrated that jazz can reach further when it allows itself to be influenced, admittedly, by other artistic areas such as literature and the visual arts. In it, the guitar player presents us with an enormous inventive capacity, in a music of enchanting inspiration, doing justice to the name of the tracks / characters that inhabit the source of inspiration (Bestiário Tradicional Português by Nuno Matos Valente and Natacha Costa Pereira - Edições Escafandro).

He presents himself, on stage, with José Pedro Coelho (tenor sax), João Mortágua (alto and soprano sax), Francisco Brito (double-bass) and João Pereira (drums).

André Fernandes, guitar
José Pedro Coelho, tenor saxophone
João Mortágua, alto and soprano saxophone
Francisco Brito, double bass
João Pereira, drums
Nuno Matos Valente, voice off
Natacha Costa Pereira, live drawing

Free admission
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The safety rules for the access of the festival audience follow the recommendations of the Direção-Geral de Saúde.
We will welcome you with complete safety and health.
Programming subject to change.

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