Alma Ensemble

Cistercian Route

Venue: Penacova · Monastery of Lorvão

Josquin and his contemporaries in Portugal

Vocal ensemble 

Celebrating the 500th anniversary of Josquin des Prez's death, this programme constitutes an unusual opportunity not only to listen to his music, currently much performed in central Europe but rarely in Portugal, but also to hear the music of portuguese composers of the same period.
Through a selection of some of the French composer's most emblematic works, we can get to know the fundamental characteristics of his music and, in general, of the franco-flemish style in which it is inserted: an intricate and complex texture, in which several melodic lines, alternating between duets and tutti, appear and disappear, often imitating each other. In alternation with these pieces, we will hear works by portuguese composers of the same and the immediately following generation, which will allow us to understand the influences and originalities of the music being made in our country in the light of the dominant style of the time.

Filipa Palhares, direction
Ariana Russo, Isabel Cruz Fernandes e Sofia David, sopranos
Joana Esteves, Marta Queirós e Rita Mourão Tavares, contraltos
João Barros, Jorge Leiria e Nuno Raimundo, tenors
Filipe Leal, Rui Borras e Tiago Mota, basses

Limited availability - Free entry upon reservation by calling 239 470 306 (Public Library of Penacova)

Partnership: Municipality of Penacova


Safety rules
The safety rules for public access to the festival follow the recommendations of the Direção-Geral de Saúde (DGS). We will welcome you with complete safety and confidence.

Access to the venue
The entrance is exclusive to ticket holders. The entrance is made from 20h45 and until 15 minutes before the beginning of the show. No entry is allowed after the beginning of the show.

Safety guidelines
Masks must be worn, even with a visor.
Meet safety distances when entering the venue.
Use the hand sanitizer dispensers available in several areas of the venue.
Comply with respiratory etiquette.
Respect the distance between the seats.
No physical format of the programme notes will be handed out.
You may consult the programme notes in digital media through the access
If you have any questions, ask the room assistants for support.

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