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Venue: Monastery of Alcobaça - Sacristy

Mestizo Music - In Baroque Spain

Ancient Music Group

The Spanish monarchy of the 17th century closed the country's cultural borders for fear of heretical Northern European influences, forcing its musicians to create original music, full of archaisms, but also of new solutions, and influenced by the dances brought from the immense colonies of the Spanish crown: rhythms from Naples, from Portugal, and of course from the American viceroyalties and, through them, those brought from black Africa by thousands of slaves forced to cross the Atlantic, found their way into the palaces.
Developed since the first globalisation, these dances ended up dominating the music of Versailles itself or reaching the pen of greats such as Bach or Scarlatti. In their hands, chaconas, fandangos, folías and canarios made history.



Glosado sobre el tenor de La Spagna

Fantasía y glosado sobre extractos de la Negrina
Mateo Flecha (1481 - 1553)
Improvisación sobre el Fandango y la Guaracha

Yo soy la locura
Henry de Bailly (1590 - 1637)

Xácaras y Folías
Anónimo s. XVII

Passacalle & Ciacona a tre
Andrea Falconieri (1585/6 - 1656)

Niñas como en tus mudanzas
José Marín (1618 - 1699)

Improvisación sobre la Pasacalle
Glosado sobre Guárdame las Vacas
Fahmi Alqhai

Ay Amor loco
Luis de Briceño (fl. 1610 - 1630) 

Gaspar Sanz (1640 - 1710) & Fahmi Alqhai

Quiteria Muñoz, soprano
Fahmi Alqhai, viol and direction
Rami Alqhai, viol
Johanna Rose, viol
Javier Núñez, harpsichord
Pedro Estevan, percussion

Price: €10
Special price*: €8


*Discount for under 18s and over 65s








Safety rules
The safety rules for public access to the festival follow the recommendations of the Direção-Geral de Saúde (DGS). We will welcome you with complete safety and confidence.

Access to the venue
The access to the Mosteiro de Alcobaça is made through the Church (Mosteiro) entrance. The exit is through the same place. The entrance is exclusive to ticket holders. The entrance is made from 17h15 and until 15 minutes before the beginning of the show. No entry is allowed after the beginning of the show.

Safety guidelines
Masks must be worn, even with a visor.
Meet safety distances when entering the venue.
Use the hand sanitizer dispensers available in several areas of the venue.
Comply with respiratory etiquette.
Respect the distance between the seats.
No physical format of the programme notes will be handed out.
You may consult the programme notes in digital media through the access
If you have any questions, ask the room assistants for support.

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